Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Blackwell Reveals Shocking Relationship Update With Jimmy After Breakup
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Love Is Blind’s Chelsea Blackwell Reveals Shocking Relationship Update With Jimmy After Breakup


  • Chelsea from Love Is Blind season 6 revealed a complicated relationship update with Jimmy after their explosive breakup.
  • Despite trying to make it work post-breakup, Chelsea and Jimmy ultimately could not move past the trust issues.
  • The couple struggled after their honeymoon phase, facing jealousy issues and doubts that led to their split.



Love Is Blind season 6 star Chelsea Blackwell revealed a shocking update regarding her relationship with Jimmy Presnell after their explosive breakup during the season’s final moments. Chelsea, who has had a difficult time throughout the Love Is Blind season 6 press cycle due to some off-handed comments she made about looking like Megan Fox, has been open and honest about her time on the show. While her relationship with Jimmy was something she was hopeful would turn into a long-term marriage, their breakup didn’t come as a major surprise to the Charlotte-based flight attendant, especially after trust was broken.

“We dated for a few days after the breakup.”

In an interview with People, Chelsea explained that her relationship with Jimmy is complicated after the pair’s difficult breakup on Love Is Blind season 6, especially because they didn’t end their relationship immediately. “We dated for a few days after the breakup,” Chelsea revealed. “And it was a journey that we were trying to maneuver together.” While Chelsea and Jimmy’s breakup was documented on Love Is Blind, the couple didn’t actually end things until a few days after filming had stopped. Though their major fight was the breaking point in their relationship, Jimmy and Chelsea tried to make it work.


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Chelesa & Jimmy’s Love Is Blind Relationship Explained

After a season of drama, Chelsea and Jimmy had a difficult time splitting up after Love Is Blind season 6. Finding themselves attracted to each other in the pods, the pair were entangled with other connections during the early phase of their relationship. Jimmy’s relationship with Jessica Vestal and Chelsea’s relationship with Trevor Sova were explored on the series, but the pair ultimately chose each other and got engaged sight unseen. The couple’s early moments were sweet, as Jimmy and Chelsea got to know one another during their honeymoon-esque trip before meeting the other Love Is Blind season 6 couples.

Their relationship changed after they got back from the Dominican Republic, and things got tricky for them as they moved in together and began cohabitating in the same space. While Chelsea had some issues with the way Jimmy acted toward Jessica, who he eventually met face-to-face, the deep-seeded jealousy she was feeling made it difficult for their relationship to progress. Doubtful, Jimmy began to find it tough for them to connect. The pair split up before their wedding, and while Chelsea and Jimmy have not gotten back together after Love Is Blind season 6, they appear to be amicable.

Although this season of Love Is Blind saw a successful wedding and potential for other couples to get back together, it appears that Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship is long over. The pair may have sparked some reconciliation rumors heading into the reunion, but they shared that there hasn’t been any movement on that front, despite the fact that their breakup didn’t stick right away. While Chelsea and Jimmy have respect for each other, their Love Is Blind relationship isn’t the fairy tale that either of them were looking for.

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Sources: People, Chelsea Blackwell/Instagram

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