Palworld Fixes One Huge Problem, & Players Are Already Exploiting It
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Palworld Fixes One Huge Problem, & Players Are Already Exploiting It


  • Removing accidental base destruction in
    makes fights easier.
  • Players can exploit the invulnerability to cheese challenging encounters by firing weapons through walls.
  • Pocketpair could address the exploit in the future.



The early access period of Palworld has been plagued by its fair share of bugs and design flaws, but sometimes fixing those issues can have unintended consequences as well. It’s standard for games releasing in early access to still need some work, so it’s not surprising that developer Pocketpair has been pushing patches out to address problems. The important thing is that forward progress is being made, and exploring the results of each patch can provide some truly interesting results that are sometimes more fun than if the game had been released in a perfect state to begin with.

One new Palworld change is illustrated in a Reddit post by eraudf, who illustrates the fact that firing a weapon will no longer damage a base in Palworld. Although destruction options are usually a good thing in games, this particular instance could make it all too easy to undo hard work with a misclick, which obviously caused its fair share of frustration.

The fix, however, also introduces an unusual exploit that the video showcases – it’s now possible to cheese challenging fights by building and firing through walls that the rocket launcher won’t destroy.


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Palworld Base Invulnerability Is Easy To Exploit

Palworld Rocket Launcher Legendary weapon with stats and description

For those looking to get ahead by any method possible in Palworld, the new possibilities opened up by removing accidental destruction from base building will doubtless be enticing. Others might prefer to ignore the mechanical change, as it’s the kind of exploit that can completely take away from legitimate challenge. Even when ignoring the trick itself, the change still makes the game easier as a whole, removing some inherent elements of risk and strategic calculation when building and defending bases in Palworld.

The best resolution would be Pocketpair adding an option to toggle the effect on or off for a world, following the technique of games that provide friendly fire toggles. As it stands, it’s likely to be one of the more divisive changes yet deployed, even if it makes a lot of the community happy. The rocket launcher technique might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways to take advantage of the change, as the added invulnerability seems to work against all weapons.


If Palworld Is Too Easy, Adjust This Setting For More Fun

As fun as Palworld can be, the game can also be fairly easy, but this can be remedied by editing this specific world setting, along with others.

Anyone who was previously relying on violent methods to disassemble bases in Palworld should now redirect their attention to the proper disassembly mode, which can be accessed by pressing C on a keyboard or R3 on a controller while in Build Mode. The prompt should appear underneath the standard radial menu, and although it’s by no means hidden, it’s possible for some players to initially miss.

It’s possible that Pocketpair will work out a solution that both protects bases from accidental destruction and patches up the current exploit, so anyone wanting to make use of it might want to do so soon. It’s also possible that this is just what Palworld will look like from here on out, for better or worse. Palworld is a game that holds plenty of unintended strategic possibilities, and making use of the protection from friendly fire on bases might be one of the strongest yet.

Source: eraudf/Reddit

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