What Moogle Medals Are For In FF7 Rebirth
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What Moogle Medals Are For In FF7 Rebirth


  • Moogle Medals are found everywhere in FF7 Rebirth, from chests to breakable Shinra Boxes.
  • Use Moogle Medals at Moogle Merchants for rare weapons and Materia, each region has its own merchant.
  • To farm Moogle Medals quickly, complete Moogle Intel missions repeatedly for easy stockpiling.



Players may come across a wealth of Moogle Medals as they explore the world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but the game doesn’t make it immediately clear what they’re for. Moogle Medals can be found in a wide variety of places. They most commonly appear inside the breakable Shinra Boxes that seem to line every wall in Gaia. However, Moogle Medals can also pop up in chests, or even be rewarded for completing certain FF7 Rebirth mini-games.

Suffice it to say Moogle Medals are everywhere – but players might find themselves sitting atop a mountain of Moogle Medals with no idea what to use them for. Here’s everything Moogle Medals are good for in FF7 Rebirth.


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FF7 Rebirth: What Moogle Medals Are For

The Moogle Emporium Explained

Moogle floating in the air with five round lights on top of it in Crisis Core FF7 Reunion

FF7 Rebirth‘s Moogle Medals can be used at special in-game stores – Moogle Merchants – that accept Moogle Medals as currency. Moogle Merchants take Moogle Medals, and only Moogle Medals, as payment for a wide variety of goods. They stock consumables, weapons, accessories, and everything else imaginable. There’s no risk of losing Moogle Medals, so feel free to save up as many as possible and return to the local Moogle Merchant whenever it’s time to cash out. There are even certain methods a player can use to farm Moogle Medals if they have a particular item in mind.

Moogle Medals function just as they did in
FF7 Rebirth
, only this time, there are multiple merchants instead of a single Moogle Emporium.

Each different region in FF7 Rebirth has its own Moogle Merchant, and each Moogle Merchant must be unlocked before opening for business. This can be done by completing each region’s Moogle Intel quest. These aren’t marked on the map initially, so players usually have to find them through exploration. However, activating a region’s Remnawave Towers can also reveal the location of its Moogle Intel quest. These quests involve rounding up five Moogles each, but watch out: the Moogles are wily, and will plant traps. Once the mission is complete, the Moogle Merchant will appear on the spot, and remain available for the rest of the game.

FF7 Rebirth: How To Spend Moogle Medals

Moogle Merchants stock just about everything regular FF7 Rebirth merchants do, but it’s probably best not to waste the party’s hard-earned Moogle Medals on Potions and Phoenix Downs. Instead, Moogle Medals are best spent on the rare weapons, accessories, and Materia in the Moogle Merchants’ inventories. Each Moogle Merchant has a different inventory from the last, so keep an eye out for unique items that haven’t appeared anywhere else in-game. This can make it easier to gain a high-powered piece of equipment at an earlier level, as players are constantly gathering Moogle Medals throughout the game.

FF7 Rebirth: How To Farm Moogle Medals

FF7 Rebirth - a Moogle floats outside a giant mushroom home, with a sign reading MOG hung over its front door.

Moogle Medals are abundant, but saving up for those top-shelf items can take time. To speed the process along, there are a few easy ways to farm for Moogle Medals in FF7 Rebirth. Chests probably provide the most reliably large hauls of Moogle Medals, but they’re single-use only and don’t respawn. Shinra Boxes, on the other hand, respawn regularly, so it’s possible to break a bunch of them, grab the loot, reload the area, and repeat. However, the contents of Shinra Boxes are randomized, so it’s impossible to say what’s inside until they’re broken.


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Luckily, there’s a quicker way, even if it can be a little more frustrating. FF7 Rebirth‘s Moogle Intel missions don’t just unlock Merchants – they also reward Moogle Medals on completion. They can be repeated indefinitely to farm as many Moogle Medals as the party needs. As a result, grinding Moogle Intel missions is an easy way to stock up on Moogle Medals quickly. Unfortunately, this also happens to be the snigle most annoying mini-game in FF7 Rebirth.

Moogle Medals are easy to come by, until they’re not. They seem to appear everywhere before the player knows what to do with them, but suddenly, confronted with the staggering prices of the Moogle Emporium’s higher-end items, Moogle Medals seem few and far between. As a result, it’s important to break Shinra Boxes whenever possible, and farm for Moogle Medals if absolutely necessary. But once a player has them, it’s not worth hoarding them – Moogle Medals are better off spent in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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