Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know
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Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know


  • After years of development,
    The Naked Gun
    is now slated to arrive on July 18, 2025.
  • The project has been in development since 2022 and has Paramount Studios attached, with MacFarlane’s involvement boosting its priority.
  • Neeson is likely to play the son of Frank Drebin, continuing the franchise’s tradition of zany antics and absurdist humor.

The classic comedy franchise The Naked Gun is getting the modern reboot treatment, and there are already a ton of exciting updates about the new film. Originally released in 1988 and based on the TV show Police Squad!, The Naked Gun follows bumbling detective Frank Drebin and his pals on the force as they try to foil a plot to assassinate the Queen of England. Created by the legendary Zucker brothers, The Naked Gun‘s humor was a mix of slapstick antics and screwball weirdness, and it was largely anchored by franchise star Leslie Nielsen’s brilliant delivery.

Besides the first film in 1988, The Naked Gun would continue in two sequels throughout the 1990s, though their critical standing would slip with each successive release. Nevertheless, Nielsen’s turn as Frank Drebin helped to further cement his place as one of comedy’s best leading men, and the distinctive Zucker brothers’ absurdist comedy style has yet to be replicated in any era. Despite that, The Naked Gun has long been the subject of sequel and reboot speculation, and it finally seems as if Hollywood has found a project that will finally bring the franchise back to life.

The Naked Gun Reboot Latest News

The Reboot Sets A Release Date

Liam Neeson & Seth McFarlane Have Talked About a Naked Gun Reboot

After years of development hell, the latest news sees the long-awaited Naked Gun reboot finally set a release date. Helping to further confirm that the project is moving forward, the Liam Neeson-led screwball comedy will now premiere on July 18, 2025. Though the date is a ways off, it suggests that the project is finally getting off the ground after years of intense speculation.

The Naked Gun Reboot Release Date

The Files Of Police Squad Reopen In July 2025

Leslie Nielsen as Frank holds up his badge in The Naked Gun

Fans will finally get to see Liam Neeson make his major comedic debut in the Naked Gun reboot, but it will be a while. After years of development, Naked Gun is now slated to arrive on July 18, 2025. Even as other details remain elusive, the release date is confirmation that the movie is finally entering the next phase of production.

The Naked Gun Reboot Cast

Liam Neeson Stars As Frank Drebin Jr.

Liam Neeson sitting in a car and holding a gun in Retribution.

So far, the only name attached to the cast of the Naked Gun reboot is Liam Neeson, and it will likely stay that way for some time. The unfortunate passing of original film stars like Leslie Nielsen and George Kennedy limit the number of returning characters, though Priscilla Presley could reprise her role as Jane Spencer. It is also highly unlikely that O.J. Simpson would return as Officer Nordberg considering his very high-profile legal troubles. Neeson will star as Frank Drebin’s son, Frank Jr., though the nature of their relationship is still unknown.

The Naked Gun Reboot Story

More Screwball Antics Are In Store

Liam Neeson in a leather jacket looking tough and squinty eyed while pointing a gun, backdropped by Naked Gun star Leslie Nielsen making a hilarious comedy face

Almost no story details have been revealed about the reboot, but the idea has been floated that Liam Neeson won’t be playing Detective Frank Drebin. Instead, the Irish screen legend will be playing Drebin’s son who is also a bumbling police officer. Even without any details being revealed, The Naked Gun is known for its zany antics and absurdist humor, and the junior Drebin will likely find himself stumbling his way through a massive case and nearly messing things up in the process.

  • The Naked Gun Movie Poster

    Naked Gun

    Directed by Airplane! directors Jim Abrahams and brothers David and Jerry Zucker, The Naked Gun is a slapstick comedy starring Leslie Nielsen as the bumbling Detective Frank Drebin, who’s tasked with stopping a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to the United States. The original movie is a continuation of the Police Squad! TV show, and it spawned two direct sequels.

    Release Date:

    $12 million

    Priscilla Presley, O.J. Simpson, George Kennedy, Leslie Nielsen, Ricardo Montalban

    David Zucker

    Comedy, Crime


    85 minutes

    Jerry Zucker, David Zucker, Pat Profit, Jim Abrahams

    Paramount Pictures

    Paramount Pictures

    Naked Gun 33+1/3: The Final Insult, The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear

    The Naked Gun

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