Why Palpatine’s Sequel Trilogy Secrets Are A Perfect Fit For The Bad Batch, Explained By Lucasfilm Writer
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Why Palpatine’s Sequel Trilogy Secrets Are A Perfect Fit For The Bad Batch, Explained By Lucasfilm Writer


  • The Bad Batch digs into Palpatine’s sequel plans through Project Necromancer, connecting to various Star Wars stories seamlessly.
  • Cloning is a central theme in The Bad Batch, tying the characters to the mysteries surrounding Palpatine’s resurrection.
  • The show acts as a bridge between different Star Wars projects like The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian through its storytelling.



The head writer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch claims the elements of the show involving Palpatine’s sequel plans fit the animated production’s story. When the first trailer for The Bad Batch season 3 was released, it was clear the villainous Star Wars Emperor would have a role to play in the show’s culmination. By the time of The Bad Batch season 3 premiere’s ending, it was confirmed that the show will delve into the earliest stages of Project Necromancer and Palpatine’s revival from the Star Wars sequel trilogy.


Star Wars’ Project Necromancer & Palpatine’s Resurrection Fully Explained

Star Wars has fully revealed Project Necromancer and the resurrection of Emperor Palpatine thanks to The Bad Batch season 3 and The Mandalorian.

While these elements may seem somewhat out of place for an animated Star Wars show, The Bad Batch‘s head writer Jennifer Corbett has perfectly explained why they fit the story being told on the Dagobah Dispatch podcast. When asked what it was like to explore these elements in The Bad Batch, Corbett tied together why Palpatine’s story fits the show. From the emphasis The Bad Batch places on clones and the process of cloning to the excitement of answering long-lingering questions, Corbett had this to say:

“We started the series with cloning on Kamino. It was a very different experience to the cloning that’s happening on Tantiss… Cloning has been a huge part of the show – our characters are clones, it’s something that they’re familiar with, and it matters to them. But that was a fun thing to explore, because it’s something we had questions with, and we actually get to answer some of the things, but not everything because there are still mysteries out there.”

The Bad Batch Has Become The Connective Tissue Between So Many Star Wars Stories

The posters for The Bad Batch season 3 and The Mandalorian season 3
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Through the elements introduced in Star Wars: The Bad Batch involving cloning, the story has become the centerpiece of several Star Wars tales. The most obvious connection The Bad Batch has is to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Project Necromancer undoubtedly refers to Palpatine’s attempts at lengthening his life after Return of the Jedi which come to fruition in The Rise of Skywalker.

Furthermore, Project Necromancer was first mentioned by name in The Mandalorian season 3. This marks another show that The Bad Batch connects to, with the elements around cloning, M-count, Omega, and Grogu all tying together to further serve the setup of Palpatine’s eventual revival. As evident by Corbett’s comments, the connective tissue Star Wars: The Bad Batch provides between so many disparate Star Wars stories is why including these aspects makes sense in a way that both answers mysteries and leaves some open for other projects.

Source: Dagobah Dispatch

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