//screenrant.com/married-at-first-sight-season-17-brennan-emily-still-together-update/ Reveals Real Reason He’s Not Attracted To Emily (Everything We Know About Their Ugly Split)
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//screenrant.com/married-at-first-sight-season-17-brennan-emily-still-together-update/ Reveals Real Reason He’s Not Attracted To Emily (Everything We Know About Their Ugly Split)


  • Brennan finally revealed his issue with Emily on MAFS, calling her negativity a turn-off.
  • Clare shared info with Emily that Brennan allegedly wanted to go on double dates without her.
  • Emily and Brennan are hurling accusations at each other as their relationship on MAFS nears its end.



Married At First Sight season 17’s Brennan Shoykhet has struggled in his relationship with Emily Balch throughout the season, but finally revealed the reason he’s not attracted to her in the most recent episode. While Brennan has been open about his relationship with Emily in the last several episodes of Married At First Sight season 17, it’s taken him nearly the entire season to reveal his genuine issues. Throughout MAFS, Brennan has shared that he has issues in his relationship with Emily, but has stayed vague about what the specific issues are, which has made the couple’s journey more difficult.

Emily and Brennan’s initial moments together at the altar made it clear they were hopeful to form a connection, but things changed quickly once their wedding was over. Brennan has struggled with feeling physically and emotionally attracted to Emily throughout their time on MAFS season 17, but without open, honest communication about their problems, the pair don’t stand a chance against Decision Day. While Emily has her own issues with Brennan’s behavior, the major issue in their relationship has been centered around Brennan’s difficulties with Emily. As MAFS season 17 winds down, Brennan has finally opened up about his problems.


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Brennan & Emily’s Journey So Far

Throughout Married At First Sight season 17, Emily and Brennan have had one of the most fascinating yet frustrating relationships. For Emily, coming into the experiment was something she was hopeful would bring her the love of a lifetime. While Brennan made it seem like he was looking for the same, he was closed off in a way that made it deeply difficult for Emily to connect with her new husband. The pair seemed to be off to a good start after their wedding, but their tough time on their honeymoon began to show cracks in their newly formed relationship.

Brennan shared he wasn’t fully attracted to Emily. Though he wasn’t sure if that was something that could be changed, he was willing to try for the sake of the marriage. Emily was looking for more information about what Brennan was feeling, but he wouldn’t offer it up and shut her down when she tried to connect. It wasn’t until the couple’s retreat, where Emily got into a harrowing accident that left both her and Brennan scared for her life, that things started to shift. While Emily was recovering, Brennan seemed more attentive, but their relationship stalled after her recovery.

Brennan Doesn’t Think Emily Is A Positive Person (It’s A Turn-Off)

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In the most recent episode of Married At First Sight season 17, Brennan finally revealed what he believes to be Emily’s most unattractive quality. The couple had dinner together to celebrate their relationship moving into the hectic Decision Day, but it had a disastrous end after Brennan was finally honest with Emily. Brennan, who has been guarded about his feelings throughout the series, shared that he doesn’t believe Emily is a positive person, but was able to see a new side of her after her traumatic accident during the couple’s retreat weekend. Emily was shocked by the accusation Brennan made.

Brennan explained that he’s felt Emily was a more negative person throughout their time together on Married At First Sight season 17, but he’s kept his thoughts about it to himself because he didn’t want to upset her. This is something he’s said more than once, but he’s done so casually which has kept Emily from understanding that he’s been serious about the behavior. Sharing that he believes her negativity to be a turn-off, Brennan hurt Emily’s feelings with the accusation and surprised her completely. Emily, who feels she’s an incredibly positive person, had a hard time with Brennan’s confession.

Brennan Allegedly Wanted To Double Date With Cameron

After her dinner with Brennan, Emily was conflicted on what would happen between her and her MAFS husband. She sat down with Clare Kerr, who was on Married At First Sight season 17 earlier in the season with her then-husband Cameron Frazer. Clare and Cameron, despite being separated, have been keeping in touch and Clare had something major to share with Emily. Tearfully, she explained that she believes Brennan isn’t giving Emily the same level of respect she’s giving him. Clare couldn’t contain her emotions, which led Emily to cry as she watched her friend struggle to deliver tough news.

Clare explained that from what she knows, Brennan has been going on dates with people outside of his marriage to Emily. Cameron, her estranged husband who she separated from after just a month of the MAFS experience, told her that Brennan’s been hoping to go on double dates with him that don’t involve Emily. Hurt, Emily wasn’t sure if she believed the accusation, but knew she had to take it in stride. She thanked Clare for letting her know but explained that she wasn’t really sure what she could do about Brennan straying if that’s what he wanted to do.

Brennan & Emily Are Hurling Accusations At Each Other

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With Brennan having hurt Emily beyond belief, their time on MAFS season 17 is quickly ending. During a chaotic meeting Decision Day with the experts previewed at the end of the most recent episode of the series, Emily and Brennan are showing just how poorly their communication has developed. While the pair are both hurt by one another, Brennan hasn’t been forthcoming with his issues with Emily, and she has been trying to push a relationship that isn’t working. In the preview, things finally boil over for the pair as they make an incredibly impactful choice about their future together.

Emily and Brennan both appear tense during their previewed Decision Day conversation, where they aren’t seeing eye to eye. The couple are shown speaking to the experts and swapping accusations about how they wanted their meeting to go with one another. While Brennan appears to be working hard to stay calm, Emily isn’t holding back during their conversation. With the stakes higher than ever, things need to end or change drastically. The finale of Married At First Sight season 17 appears to be bringing out the worst in Emily and Brennan’s relationship, which may be hurtling towards its bitter end.

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