Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Posts Adorable Baby Photos of Garrison After His Death
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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Posts Adorable Baby Photos of Garrison After His Death


  • Christine Brown recently posted a video of some of Garrison Brown’s old photos.
  • The Brown family, including Meri and Janelle Brown, shared tributes to Garrison through photos and social media posts.
  • Even though Garrison is no longer with his family, he will always be missed and cherished by them.



Sister Wives star Christine Brown Woolley shared cute photos of Garrison Brown from his childhood. The 52-year-old woman and the rest of her family suffered a gutwrenching tragedy in March 2024. They lost Garrison and addressed the fans with their respective social media posts. Kody, Meri, and Janelle Brown posted a photo of their sweet son from his time in the army. They requested fans to honor his memory and respect their privacy. Christine did the same by posting a video of Garrison helping her daughter, Truely, build a flowerbed. She stated that the Brown family would miss him forever.

Christine has been remembering her lovely boy and how he was an amazing part of everyone’s life. She has been posting photos of him with all the family members, showing fans how much joy he brought into the lives of people he knew. The mom of six recently posted a video of some of Garrison’s old photos.

She stated, “I’ve been scanning all my 35 mm camera film and found some gold mines,” adding how he blessed everyone’s life. The throwback pictures showed Garrison looking like the happiest young boy with a charming smile.


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How Have Sister Wives Stars Paid Tribute To Garrison?

Janelle Shared The Last Family Picture Taken During Last Christmas

Garrison’s biological mom, Janelle, and Meri have also been paying tribute to him by sharing his memories. A few days ago, the 54-year-old mom of six shared a family picture featuring all her kids and grandkids. She mourned the loss of her son but also felt grateful that her kids decided to take that photo. Janelle wrote, “I had all my children together last Christmas.” Meri shared a photo of her late mother, who was like a grandmother to Garrison.

Meri wrote,
“keep an eye on our boy up there, Mom! And give him a hug for me!”

Everyone showed so much love to Garrison because he was more than just a family member. He was a little boy who grew up in a polygamous family that was once whole. Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Kody saw their little boy grow into a man. They witnessed all his moments, from his first walk to his graduation and ahead. Janelle was so proud when Garrison served in the Nevada Army National Guard. She cared for him, and he loved her so much. He even posted about being Janelle’s favorite kid. Kody also cherished him a lot.

Garrison left a big mark on Christine. While he wasn’t her biological child, he was spiritually her son and a real brother to her kids. Over the years, Garrison did many things that proved he was a part of every family member’s life. The young man was a burst of positivity and a great human being. From helping poor animals to adopting them, Garrison did many humane things that highlighted his benevolent nature. He lived for others and did everything he could to leave a positive impact on Sister Wives fans, family, and loved ones.

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