Snyder Passionately Defends Breaking Batman’s Oldest Rule
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Snyder Passionately Defends Breaking Batman’s Oldest Rule

Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder has defended breaking Batman’s oldest rule by claiming that he would be made irrelevant if he didn’t.


  • Zack Snyder explained Batman’s rule-breaking as essential for the character’s relevance in DCEU.
  • Batman’s debut in Batman v Superman faced criticism for plot, tone, and the breaking of the Dark Knight’s cardinal rule.
  • Snyder defended Batman’s actions in the DCEU movie, believing the character would otherwise become irrelevant.



Zack Snyder has defended the fact that he broke Batman‘s oldest rule in his DCEU movies by stating that Batman would be “irrelevant” if he didn’t. Batman’s DCEU debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a divisive first look at what was to come in the DCEU back in 2016. Critics took aim at the movie’s overstuffed plot, the perceived shoehorning of Batman into the DCEU timeline, and its overly grimdark tone. Seeing Batman break his cardinal rule was enough for many viewers to write it off entirely.

Zack Snyder has, however, defended his choice to depict Batman’s murderous intent in an interview with Joe Rogan (via YouTube) where he stated that purposely precluding Batman from situations where he may have to kill someone makes Batman, a character that he also loves, irrelevant.

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