Why Missy Won’t Be In Georgie & Mandy’s Spinoff Explained By Star
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Why Missy Won’t Be In Georgie & Mandy’s Spinoff Explained By Star


  • Missy won’t be in the
    Young Sheldon
    spinoff about Georgie and Mandy, effectively breaking
    The Big Bang Theory
  • The series can explain Missy’s absence by having Georgie move away from the Coopers with less familiar characters.
  • Although Missy won’t be a regular, she could still make appearances due to her history with Georgie.



Young Sheldon actor Raegan Revord reveals why Missy won’t be in Georgie and Mandy’s spinoff. While Sheldon’s life in Texas is coming to a natural close, it doesn’t mean that the Coopers’ story in the state will also wrap up. Weeks after it was reported, CBS officially orders the Young Sheldon spinoff about Georgie and Mandy. The new project will essentially be a continuation of The Big Bang Theory prequel, just with less familiar characters.

As she previously hinted, Missy won’t be in the Georgie and Mandy Young Sheldon spinoff. However, on the heels of the project’s official announcement, Revord reveals the reason why. According to her, she wasn’t invited to partake in the next The Big Bang Theory expansion series. Read her full answer below on Montana Jordan’s Instagram post (via CatsGoodAtReddit/Reddit):

How Georgie & Mandy’s Young Sheldon Spinoff Can Explain Missy’s Absence

Young sheldon Retcons Georgies Big Bang Theory Missy Story

Mary and Missy’s involvement is mandated by The Big Bang Theory canon, and this new update means that Georgie and Mandy’s series is deviating from continuity. That’s a peculiar move, considering that the reason why Young Sheldon is ending despite being very popular is because of its parent series’ story. Revord doesn’t get into specifics about why she wasn’t asked to join the project when Missy is supposed to be a big part of Georgie’s life in the next few years. Regardless of the behind-the-scenes reason, CBS’ challenge is to explain her absence.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to put a separation between Georgie and the Coopers. Considering Missy’s absence, it’s safe to say that other characters such as Meemaw and Mary won’t also appear in the Young Sheldon offshoot project. Given the family’s already cramped living arrangement, the couple may decide to move out of Medford. They don’t have to leave the state, since Georgie’s future business is tied to Texas, but they can start their newlywed life in an entirely different town. This way, the CBS series can introduce a new ensemble around the growing family.


Young Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory Returning Character Will Only Make Their Plot Hole Worse

Young Sheldon season 7 bringing back a long-forgotten character will only make their The Big Bang Theory’s last-minute cameo more confusing.

Just because Missy won’t be a series regular in Georgie and Mandy’s Young Sheldon offshoot, it doesn’t mean that she will never make any appearances. It’s worth noting that Georgie witnessed Missy’s dumb teenage years, and that can only happen if the siblings remain in contact with each other. In any case, considering Revord’s good relationship with Jordan, chances are that it won’t be difficult to recruit her for a cameo.

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Source: Montana Jordan/Instagram (via CatsGoodAtReddit/Reddit)


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