Tammy’s 8 Most Incredible TikTok Weight Loss Results Ranked (She Looks So Different Now)
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Tammy’s 8 Most Incredible TikTok Weight Loss Results Ranked (She Looks So Different Now)


  • Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters lost significant weight after bariatric surgery with a transformation physically and emotionally.
  • Tammy showcases her weight-loss journey, hobbies, and singing talent on TikTok, receiving nice and mean comments from followers.
  • Tammy experiments with different styles, outfits, filters, and makeup on TikTok, embracing self-love and her new identity.



1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is revealing her shocking transformation after weight-loss surgery on TikTok. Tammy started her journey by becoming a YouTube content creator with her sister Amy Slaton before reality TV. The sisters joined the show in 2020 and have managed to lose a significant amount of weight since undergoing bariatric surgery in July 2022.

Tammy from 1000-lb Sisters season 5 is now down to 285 pounds, after weighing 725 pounds at her heaviest, but is still trying to lose more weight. Tammy claims that apart from changing physically, she has transformed into a different person emotionally; she is much more gentler and kinder now. Tammy was depressed and even suicidal before entering rehab. In 2024, Tammy can’t stop talking about how she has changed for the better, both emotionally and physically.


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8 Tammy Slaton’s Short Hair Look Put The Focus On Her Thinner Face

Tammy Might Just Get A Bob Next

In February 2024, Tammy created a TikTok duet video as a reaction to a clip a fan made about her. TikTok user @stace dedicated a video to Tammy, captioned, “Showing love to you tammy.” The 1000-lb Sisters star had recorded a clip where she lipsynced to the song “Pretty On The Inside” by Chloe Adams. Tammy wore glasses and had her hair in a mock bob. The song’s deep lyrics about self-love and acceptance resonated with Tammy, who now wears her hair shorter with side-swept bangs that highlight her attractive facial features.

7 Tammy Slaton’s Cutesy “Heart” Video Showed A Skinnier, Happier Woman

Tammy Loves Her TikTok Filters

Tammy has been showing off her singing prowess, often posting videos where she is singing along to popular hits. At the same time, Tammy also wears fashionable outfits and a new hairstyle in almost every video on TikTok. This time around, Tammy sang “What You Know Bout Love” by Pop Smoke until she forgot the lyrics and had to hum the rest of it. Tammy was in a good mindset and even used a sparkly heart filter around her face to symbolize her cheerful mindset.

Tammy Posted A Tribute to Caleb Willingham

1000-Lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham posing for wedding picture

Apart from videos, Tammy has also been sharing a lot of photo albums with her followers. One of them was a series of photos showing Tammy’s various moods from the last few months, including the ones with Tammy missing her late husband, Caleb Willingham. Tammy used “Rose’s Turn” from the musical Gypsy with the slideshow, revealing the highs and lows of her life. There were photos from Caleb’s memorial and pictures from their wedding, as well as Tammy’s adventures, from her visit to a pier to her watching a beautiful sunset.

Tammy sported several looks in each selfie and, as usual, she chose to have fun with the filters. A couple of pictures revealed how she looks after her weight loss and how her body has changed. Tammy’s full-length mirror selfie, for instance, in an all-black outfit had her looking proud of how slim she looked in the reflection. Tammy is indeed proud of how far she’s come despite the trials and tribulations she’s faced.


1000-Lb Sisters: The Real Reason Tammy Slaton Lost Weight

1000-lb Sister’s Tammy Slaton once weighed 700 pounds but has lost over 400 pounds. However, there’s a reason why she decided to lose all this weight.

5 Tammy Slaton’s Duet TikTok Showcased Her Cheekbones & Leaner Jawline

Tammy’s Face Shape Is Also Changing

A fan of Tammy’s named Shilo Savage asked her to send a birthday wish in a TikTok video. They had asked their followers to tag Tammy in the video, so she could see it and wish them a Happy Birthday. The fan revealed they had been through the same thing as Tammy, so the 1000-lb Sisters star created a duet video to wish the fan a Happy Birthday. Tammy had her glasses on and her hair appeared messy. Nonetheless, Tammy looked slimmer than ever. Her cheeks were blushed pink but her sharper cheekbones and shapely jaw stood out in the video.

4 Tammy Slaton’s Chat Clip Led To Fashion Tips From Fans

Should Tammy Experiment With Her Glasses Next?

While Tammy’s content provides fans an insight into her weight-loss journey and hobbies, she also shares her food suggestions with them on TikTok. Tammy recently introduced her fans to a “girl snack.” She watched her fans eat mustard and cottage cheese, so she bought a large pack of cottage cheese meant for four people. Tammy revealed she puts a packet of ranch in it and dips celery into it as a snack. She thought it tasted “so good” so she decided to share it. Tammy’s comments section was full of fans suggesting things to try as little snacks.

“Have you thought about cat eye glasses? I think they would look adorbs on you!”

Another fan told Tammy they lost 143 pounds after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. While these were positive comments from fans who want Tammy to do better, she has been receiving several mean comments from fans lately. Tammy responded to someone asking her about a “chin flapand mentioned how hurt she was by the comment. Tammy explained it was excess skin, not a “chin flap,” which will go away once she gets skin removal surgery.

3 Tammy Slaton’s Played With Fun Filters In Cute Hoodie TikTok

Tammy’s Skin Is Glowing After Weight Loss

tammy slaton 1000 lb sisters montage her in blue shirt oranve background
Custom Image by César García

Tammy is having a lot of fun on TikTok with face-altering filters. She particularly likes one that makes her look like she is wearing makeup. The makeup gives Tammy a subtle glow with a touch of blush and lined lips. Tammy wore a hoodie in the video and kept her hair tied in a ponytail. She lip-synced to a motivational song and played around with the sunlight that was falling on her face for an ethereal appearance. Tammy knows which angles work best for her on camera.

2 Tammy Slaton Rocked Green Overalls In A Stylish Clip

Tammy Is Switching Up Her Style

Tammy may have revealed her relationship status in TikTok for Valentine’s Day. She added a clip where the person said that Valentine’s Day was around the corner, so if anyone was in love with her, they should speak up. Tammy wore her square glasses in the selfie video, along with an off-shoulder black top. She layered the top with olive green overalls, opting for a sporty, casual outfit this time. Tammy has been experimenting with different fashion styles since her weight-loss surgery, and this one fits her perfectly.

1 Queen Tammy Showed Fierce Self-Love In Her “Cap Cut” Tiktok

Tammy Thinks She Is A Queen

Tammy Slaton 1000-Lb Sisters wearing denim jacket and red top before surgery

Tammy likes the song “King & Queens” by Ava Max, which she used in the background of a new video. The 1000-lb Sisters star wanted the world to know she is a “Queen.Tammy created the video using the editing app Cap Cut and added a gorgeous filter with the word “Queen” and a tiny crown sticker on it. Tammy smiled in the video and appeared to be in a good mood. Her new string of TikToks has been about celebrating her life and the new person she’s become.

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