Tammy’s Best Yellow Outfits Before & After Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone
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Tammy’s Best Yellow Outfits Before & After Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone


  • Tammy Slaton has lost an impressive 400 pounds through diet, exercise, and bariatric surgery, changing her life for the better.
  • Tammy, once confined to her home due to limited mobility, has since experienced milestones like her first plane ride and beach visit.
  • Tammy’s journey showcases a commitment to her health and weight loss goals, even amid personal tragedies and emotional challenges.



The 2000 Coldplay hit Yellow must have been on the mind of 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton because she has been wearing the color a lot lately and posting receipts on social media. When the series premiered in 2020, Tammy weighed over 700 pounds and, after a significant health scare that included her having to be put in a medically induced coma, she decided she had to change her life. After diet, exercise and bariatric surgery, Tammy has lost 400 pounds so far, and is still working on losing even more weight.

Before Tammy lost all the weight, she had very little mobility and was basically a prisoner in her own home. Now that she has slimmed down so dramatically, she has changed her life, reaching impressive milestones. The 1000-lb Sisters star went on her first airplane ride, and didn’t even use the second seat she bought. She even got to go to the beach for the first time, and Tammy went on a family boat ride. Tammy has been thriving since losing weight and having fun with fashion. Read on for examples of Tammy experimenting with the color yellow.


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Tammy Slaton Wore A Lacy Yellow Top & Sunflower Scarf On TikTok

Ready For Spring

One of Tammy‘s most recent TikTok posts is a video of her lip-syncing to a hip-hop remix of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up. In the video, the 1000-lb Sisters star wears an orange-yellow top in a loose knit, with a sunflower print scarf around her neck. She’s sporting a short pixie haircut and her hair is darker than usual. The close-up footage really highlights how much thinner Tammy’s face is since losing weight, and how much happier she is. Tammy locks her TikTok comment section, so there are no comments on the post, but it has already amassed over three thousand likes.

Tammy Slaton Wore Golden Yellow Before Slimming Down

She Always Liked Yellow

1000-lb sisters tammy slaton in yellow top, pre weight loss, wearing oxygen tube

Even before the 1000-lb Sisters star lost over 400 pounds, she posted photos of herself wearing the color yellow. In August 2022, Tammy posted a series of photos of herself to TikTok wearing a yellow top. This was before Tammy’s weight loss, so her face is much rounder. The fact that she is wearing an oxygen tube is a shocking reminder of Tammy’s life-and-death condition before she lost weight. The Coldplay lyrics go, “Your skin, oh yeah, your skin and bones. Turn into something beautiful.” Since this photo, Tammy worked hard to turn into a healthier, happier version of herself.

I’ve always had a weight issue
I was born 9 lbs. 10 oz., and then I just kept gaining

The 1000-lb Sisters star told People she started gaining weight during childhood, and she attributed it to genetics, emotional eating, and socioeconomic factors. “I’ve always had a weight issue,” Tammy said. “I was born 9 lbs. 10 oz., and then I just kept gaining.” The type of food available to her was also part of the problem. Her mother worked three jobs to support her and her siblings, so they often had to prepare their own meals. Her grandmother helped her mother raise her and, when her grandmother died in 1999, Tammy turned to food to fill the emotional void.

Tammy Slaton Puckered Up In A Fun Layered Look

“She Fine”

1000-lb sisters tammy slaton in yellow tank layered look, making a kissy face

In August 2023, Tammy posted photos of herself wearing a yellow top layered over a black top. The song She Fine by LAVL is playing over the slideshow. In several photos, Tammy is puckering her lips and making kissing faces, having a great time. She’s all made up, wearing her glasses as well as a musical note necklace. These photos were taken midway through her weight-loss journey, so she’s at a transitional weight between her at her heaviest and at her lightest weights. The deck scrolls through multiple photos of herself in the same yellow and black outfit, in different locations.

Golden Girl Tammy Slaton Had Blonde Hair In A Pre-Weight Loss TikTok

Yellow Hair

1000-lb sisters tammy slaton orange top, yellow curly hair

Tammy’s love for the color yellow isn’t limited to just her fashion choices, the 1000-lb Sisters star also wore her hair blond for a while. In another TikTok posted before Tammy lost weight, she’s wearing her curly hair blond. She’s also wearing a breathing tube, which was an integral part of Tammy’s life when she weighed over 700 pounds. She had to be intubated because, at her size, her lungs couldn’t expand on their own. One of the earliest major milestones in Tammy’s journey was when her doctors were able to remove her breathing tube, giving her more freedom.

At one point in her weight-loss journey, Tammy checked herself into a diet rehab facility where she met Caleb Willingham, another rehab patient. The two fell in love and got married while in rehab. Tammy’s health improved before Caleb’s did, and the doctors cleared her to leave rehab before him. The separation was difficult for both of them and soon after Tammy left rehab, Caleb passed away due to health issues. This, in addition to her health scare, has made Tammy determined to never gain back the weight that she worked so hard to lose.

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