Ugly Sweater Identity Prediction & Clues
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Ugly Sweater Identity Prediction & Clues


  • The Masked Singer season 11 features Ugly Sweater as one of its competitors.
  • Ugly Sweater sang “The Best” by Tina Turner on premiere night.
  • The Masked Singer season 11 panelists guessed that Ugly Sweater was Aaron Neville, Ronald Isely, Eddie Levert, Charlie Wilson, Nile Rodgers, El DeBarge, or Verdine White.



Ugly Sweater made his debut on The Masked Singer season 11 premiere, and there are many clues to figure out his true identity. The Masked Singer season 11 features longtime host Nick Cannon, along with original panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, and Ken Jeong. New to the panel is Rita Ora, who took over for Nicole Scherzinger while she performed in London’s West End production of Sunset Boulevard.

The Masked Singer season 11 will continue the show’s new tradition of featuring theme nights, including a celebration of the 85th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, the 40th anniversary of the classic toy Transformers, and Billy Joel, Queen, Girl Groups, Soundtrack of My Life, TV Theme, and Shower Anthem nights. In addition, the panelists will once again be able to use the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell to save contestants. Here are the clues to help figure out who’s hiding behind Ugly Sweater’s mask.


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Ugly Sweater’s Premiere Night Performance & Clues

During The Masked Singer season 11 premiere night, Ugly Sweater sang “The Best” by Tina Turner. He began his clue package by saying, “When I hit the scene as a young, handsome ugly sweater, I was the epitome of style, on top of the world. But I lost focus, and my whole world unraveled.” When Ugly Sweater said this, a train sped by him.

As rain began to pour down, a black and white rabbit in a top hat was shown. Ugly Sweater continued, “I went from living in penthouses to sleeping on park benches. My life was hanging on by a thread, and, when I hit rock bottom, I realized I had to change. And I started fighting to reclaim my voice.” As he slept outside in the rain, Ugly Sweater used a newspaper with the headline, “Ugly Sweater Is Unraveling!,” as a blanket.

Next, an alarm clock rang. When Ugly Sweater shut off the alarm, the rain stopped, and it was sunny again. He went on to say, “Now, I’m back on top, better than before. So I’m gonna win that trophy for all the people who helped me get back on my feet to live a life that’s simply the best.” After Ugly Sweater’s performance, another clue about his identity was revealed: an orange ugly sweater with four eyes sewn on it, with the word “FEATURING” in green. Ugly Sweater explained, “Ugly Sweater’s always in style. Must be why the biggest stars want to work with me.”

Ugly Sweater’s Identity Predictions

The Masked Singer Season 11 Ugly Sweater Premiere Night Performance

The Masked Singer season 11 panelists had many guesses for Ugly Sweater. Robin mentioned “soulful vocal legends” such as Aaron Neville, Ronald Isely, Eddie Levert, and Charlie Wilson. Ken speculated that Ugly Sweater might be Nile Rodgers. Rita said that at first she was thinking like Robin, and mentioned El DeBarge, but then she thought that maybe Ugly Sweater was Verdine White from Earth, Wind, and Fire. All of these singers are living legends.

The Masked Singer season 11’s Ugly Sweater delivered a beautiful performance that will always be remembered. The panelists guessed many legendary performers, so his reveal is certain to be very exciting. He has incredible vocal range and strong stage presence, so he’s certain to go far in the competition. Ugly Sweater is heating up The Masked Singer season 11 stage.

The Masked Singer

season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

Source: The Masked Singer/Instagram

The Masked Singer

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