What Happened To Shayne Jansen After Perfect Match Season 1
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What Happened To Shayne Jansen After Perfect Match Season 1


  • Shayne Jansen ended Perfect Match as a finalist but struggled to find lasting love after the show ended.
  • Despite his dramatic turn on Love Is Blind, Shayne remains a polarizing figure among viewers.
  • Shayne Jansen faced heartbreak with the loss of his mother and best friend since filming Perfect Match.



Shayne Jansen had a dramatic turn on Perfect Match that saw him end one of the best reality TV shows as a finalist, though a lot has changed for him since filming. The new Netflix series featured 23 reality TV singles and had them compete for love in Panama City. Love Is Blind‘s Shayne returned for his redemption and a shot at love, though he might not have achieved either goal. There have been many rumors about Perfect Match season 2, but nothing has been officially released yet.

Shayne ended Perfect Match season 1 as one of three final couples who believed they had found their perfect matches. Shayne fell fast for Chloe Veitch during his time on the show. Shayne also had a fling with The Circle France‘s Ines Tazi and a brief flirtation with Too Hot To Handle‘s Izzy Fairthorne. He was one of the more famous cast members on Perfect Match, as he appeared on the show from the start and only briefly left the house before returning for the final episodes.

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Shayne Jansen’s Relationship Status After Perfect Match

Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch posing for a photo on Perfect Match.

Shayne and Chloe ended Perfect Match season 1 practically in love, though their relationship didn’t last long in the real world. Chloe likened their failed relationship to a roller-coaster when she provided an official update on the Netflix YouTube channel. After filming Perfect Match, Shayne was then linked to his Love Is Blind ex, Natalie Lee, though they decided they didn’t want to be together. Natalie has even shared that Shayne joined Perfect Match season 1 while still dating.

Shayne Jansen Tried To Fix His Reputation On Perfect Match

When Shayne appeared on Love Is Blind, he was considered a villain. Natalie was regarded as more sympathetic when she dumped Shayne. This was further proven when his anger once again flared up on Perfect Match during a fight with Chloe at the end of Perfect Match.

“I really liked him. But I just can’t with the way he handled himself. So unstable

However, Shayne was less villainous before the blow-up. “I really liked him. But I just can’t with the way he handled himself. So unstable,” one fan commented on a clip Shayne shared on Instagram. “You were the best on the show,” one supporter exclaimed. “We need a Shayne netflix show give the people what they want,” another user wrote. Overall, Love Is Blind alum Shayne appears to remain polarizing among viewers.

Shayne Jansen Experienced Heartbreak After Perfect Match

While Shayne has been candid about experiencing heartbreak with Natalie, he experienced a devastating loss since filming Perfect Match last winter. Shayne’s mother and best friend passed away in October 2022, which has been very difficult for him to deal with. Shayne received an outpouring of fan support as he publicly grieved his mother on social media, where he now has over 630K followers after Perfect Match season 1. Though his rage issues concerned some Perfect Match viewers, Shayne was still overall likable.

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