Will It Happen? Everything We Know
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Will It Happen? Everything We Know

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Millie Bobby Brown’s partnership with Netflix continues with the release of the fantasy epic, Damsel, but will Brown’s butt-kicking princess return in Damsel 2? Premiering on the platform on March 8, 2024, Damsel follows Princess Elodie (Brown) who agrees to marry the Prince of a neighboring kingdom, only to find she is to be used as collateral to pay off an ancient debt. Like Brown’s other Netflix film series, Enola Holmes, Damsel is all about reversing gender roles in genre stories by featuring empowered female characters.

Though the critical reaction to Damsel has been somewhat mixed, the film still has the opportunity to shine, especially with the star power of Millie Bobby Brown carrying its more lackluster elements. Furthermore, the film merely introduced the fascinating fantasy world, and a sequel is the most logical way to flesh out the kingdoms and their lore. Brown is no stranger to making sequels to Netflix movies, and Damsel is the sort of property that has nearly limitless potential for future exploration. Though Damsel 2 is not a certainty yet, it is far from an impossibility.


10 Best Moments From Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel, Ranked

Despite average reviews, Millie Bobby Brown and her co-stars have some powerful and emotional moments in the fantasy action adventure movie Damsel.

Damsel 2 Latest News

The Director Is Willing To Make A Sequel

Elodie looks over a cliff face in Damsel

Even though the full scope of the first film still hasn’t been assessed yet, the latest news sees Damsel‘s director express interest in a sequel. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo helmed 2024’s Damsel, and he made it abundantly clear that he wouldn’t hesitate to return to direct the sequel as well. “I will be so happy to do a sequel for Damsel,” he said, but hinged the sequel on a few caveats. In a realistic view of the situation, Fresnadillo acknowledged that audience reception would ultimately determine if a sequel happened or not.

Damsel 2 Is Not Confirmed

Netflix Has Not Given The Movie A Green Light

Lord and Lady Bayford look on while standing on the deck of a ship that sails through the fog in Damsel

Unsurprisingly, Netflix has yet to make any moves regarding Damsel 2, and it might take a while before the preeminent streaming brand makes a decision either way. Unlike more conventional films which rely on box office numbers, streaming exclusive content succeeds or fails based on viewership numbers, and Netflix has methods of judging whether a film is a success or not. Critical reception is an important part of any movie, but bad reviews won’t be enough to tank the project if enough fans tune in to watch.

Stream Damsel on Netflix.

Damsel 2 Cast

Who Could Return?

Unlike most fantasy properties, the cast of Damsel was somewhat small, and the story was rather self-contained. Furthermore, the events of the film narrowed the character list even more by the end, and there are only a handful of characters who could come back if Damsel 2 were to ever happen. First and foremost, Millie Bobby Brown’s Princess Elodie would need to return, especially since she is the titular damsel. Likewise, Elodie’s younger sister Floria would need to return because of their close bond, meaning Brooke Carter could reprise her role.

The entire Damsel cast that could return in the sequel includes:


Damsel Role

Millie Bobby Brown

Princess Elodie

Brooke Carter


Angela Bassett

Lady Bayford

Shoreh Aghdashloo

The Dragon

Damsel 2 Story


Damsel’s Alternate Ending Would Have Done Justice To Elodie & Her Original Plan

Netflix’s Damsel could have had a very different ending, which would have done justice to what Elodie truly wanted before being tricked.

What Could Happen Next?

A composite image of the dragon, Floria, and Elodie from Damsel
Custom image by Diana Acuña.

As director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo hinted, the world of Damsel is left completely open and there are limitless possibilities for a sequel. The ending of Damsel was a conclusive punctuation to the story contained within the film, but the open-ended nature of the fantasy world means a sequel could go in any direction. Princess Elodie’s life after her betrothal could be explored, and it could shine more light on the kingdom she comes from, something sorely lacking in the first.

Since the basic premise of Damsel puts a premium on Elodie’s independence, the sequel likely won’t go for any traditional love story plots. However, the movie could dissect age-old tropes by reversing the roles and putting a Prince in jeopardy while Elodie must rescue him to win his affection. Like many fantasy stories, the possibilities of Damsel 2 are only limited by the imagination of the filmmakers.

Damsel Netflix Movie Poster


A dutiful damsel agrees to marry a handsome prince, only to find the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to repay an ancient debt. Thrown into a cave with a fire-breathing dragon, she must rely on her wits and will to survive

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