Wonder Woman’s Villains Just Discovered Her Secret Weakness
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Wonder Woman’s Villains Just Discovered Her Secret Weakness


  • Wonder Woman’s weakness is exploited by her enemies, tearing her between compassion and warrior instincts.
  • The Sovereign gathers Diana’s rogues to exploit her inner conflict of fighting for peace and being a warrior.
  • Wonder Woman’s inner struggle to prioritize between caring for others and fighting can give her enemies an advantage.



Warning! Spoilers for Wonder Woman #6 ahead!The biggest Achilles’ heel Wonder Woman has is finally used against her by her worst nemeses. After months of being pursued by the United States government, Diana is forced to face off against a cabal of her most infamous rogues, who find the best weakness of Wonder Woman’s to exploit.

In Wonder Woman #6 by Tom King and Daniel Sampere, Diana meets with Steve Trevor to discuss recent events. But unbeknownst to the hero, Wonder Woman’s villains have been brought together as a team to attack and defeat her. Before she knows what happened, Diana is facing off against Giganta and Silver Swan.

Wonder Woman Fights Giganta Amid Inner Turmoil DC

Silver Swan doesn’t attack and is part of an effort to play on Diana’s heart. Giganta knocks Diana and Silver Swan down to the ground and unfortunately, Wonder Woman is torn between her compassion for others and her warrior instincts to mount a proper defense against Giganta.

Wonder Woman’s Dual Nature Puts Her at a Disadvantage

Wonder Woman #6 cover featuring Diana screaming bellowing

The United States became swept up in a wave of anti-Amazon hysteria fomented by the secret king of America, the Sovereign. The Sovereign, afraid of the threat Wonder Woman presents to his rule, launched a movement to bring her down by any means necessary. However, Diana has survived the newly formed Amazon Extraction Entity and the mighty of the United States Army. With options running out fast, the Sovereign had his lackey Sgt. Steel assembles a collection of Wonder Woman’s greatest rogues such as Doctor Psycho, Giganta, Circe, and Angle Man to finally subdue the Amazing Amazon.

The current Wonder Woman run has touched on the juxtaposition of Diana’s character. She’s an Amazon warrior and isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty in combat. But she’s also an agent of peace, someone defined by her boundless compassion and empathy for others. The Sovereign’s play here was actually a brilliant one. Instead of using something external to weaken Diana, the villains force Wonder Woman to confront the weakness within herself. That’s not to say her compassion is a flaw, but Wonder Woman’s conflicting ideologies have the potential to give her enemies the upper hand in the battlefield.

Wonder Woman’s Inner Schism Gives Her Enemies an Advantage

Giganta sits on a couch among a gathering of Wonder Woman's greatest foes.

It’s because Wonder Woman loves everyone that she fights for the world. But her dual inner selves seem to make it hard for her on the battlefield. When an emergency strikes, what does she prioritize? Caring for others or fighting? That kind of inner struggle can be just as paralyzing as kryptonite is to Superman and it gives her enemies the perfect opportunity to attack. In this instance, Diana was able to survive Giganta’s attack, but she might not be so lucky next time. Wonder Woman’s conflicting nature could give her worst foes the chance they need to one day bring her down.

Wonder Woman #6 is available now from DC Comics.

Wonder Woman #6 (2024)


  • Writer: Tom King
  • Artists: Daniel Sampere and Belen Ortega
  • Colorists: Tomeu Morey and Alejandro Sánchez
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Cover Artist: Daniel Sampere

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