Young Sheldon Spoiled Missy’s New Exciting Romance 1 Year Ago
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Young Sheldon Spoiled Missy’s New Exciting Romance 1 Year Ago

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 7, episode 3.




  • Missy’s new romance in
    Young Sheldon
    was spoiled a year ago, setting up her future mistakes in
    The Big Bang Theory
  • Missy steps up as the leader of the Cooper household but gets burned out after taking on too much responsibility.
  • After her brief stint as the household leader, Missy gets a new boyfriend behind everyone else’s back.
  • Adult Sheldon’s narration spoiled Missy’s new scheming in the
    Young Sheldon
    season 6 finale.

Missy’s exciting new romance in Young Sheldon season 7 was actually spoiled a year ago. While Sheldon continues his adventures in Germany, his siblings are left in Medford, Texas to deal with their respective arcs. The latest tornado forced some living arrangement changes for the Coopers back at home, with Georgie and Mandy moving in with George. This forced Missy to step up and become the leader of the house by making sure that it was running efficiently in light of its new occupants. Eventually, she found herself burned out not too long after taking more responsibility.

CBS has mostly underutilized Missy in Young Sheldon. Coming from her two-episode appearance in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s sister became one of the most exciting characters in the prequel. She’s charming, funny, and sarcastic, but was always relegated to being a supporting character with barely any arc of her own. That all changed in Young Sheldon season 6 with her rebellion storyline. Briefly, she seemed to be committed to making amends, just as he promised George, but her new romance in season 7 proves otherwise. Disappointing as it may be, it shouldn’t be all that surprising.


Mary Finally Calls Out Young Sheldon’s Most Glaring Problem After 3 Years

In the most unexpected way, Mary (Zoe Perry) finally calls out the most glaring problem that Young Sheldon has been having for three years now.

Adult Sheldon Spoiled Missy’s New Dangerous Romance In Season 6

Raegan Revord's Missy speaking to someone in Young Sheldon's season 6 finale

In Young Sheldon season 7, episode 3, “A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy,” Missy gets a brand new boyfriend, Taylor. She is more than happy for George to assume that she has been hanging out with a female friend, and when he discovers that he’s a boy, Missy expertly handles the situation by convincing him that he’s gay. Missy having a new romance may be shocking, especially since it’s tricky to start a new plot with Young Sheldon ending with a shortened final year. However, her relationship was previously spoiled in a monumental episode almost a year ago.

Adult Sheldon’s narration in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale revealed that despite Missy’s emotional apology about her rebellious acts her sister snuck out countless times during his and Mary’s time in Germany. What’s worse, the only Cooper daughter also got a belly button piercing without George knowing. Missy’s ongoing arc is the fruition of adult Sheldon’s confession from almost a year ago. It’s uncertain if her future escapades will continue, but with Mary soon returning to Texas, she may not have the freedom that she has enjoyed with just George to supervise her.

How Missy’s Latest Relationship Sets Up Her The Big Bang Theory Future

Young Sheldon's Taylor and The Big Bang Theory's Missy
Custom Image by Ana Dumaraog

Missy’s new romance sets the stage for her The Big Bang Theory romantic life. It continues the trend of her dating behind everyone’s back, leaving her without anyone else’s opinion on her partners. She also has a solid group of friends who can keep an eye on her. Considering Missy’s approach to attraction, which is normal for someone her age, she is bound to make mistakes. Without the help of her family or anyone else who truly cares about her well-being, Young Sheldon is developing a pattern leading to her failed marriage in The Big Bang Theory.

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