Young Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory Returning Character Will Only Make Their Plot Hole Worse
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Young Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory Returning Character Will Only Make Their Plot Hole Worse


  • Young Sheldon
    season 7 focuses on tying up loose ends, including the return of past characters like Tam Nguyen.
  • Tam’s return will attempt to explain his absence in
    The Big Bang Theory
    , but it may create more plot holes.
  • Sheldon’s early graduation and college distance led to Tam’s disappearance, making it challenging to maintain their friendship.



Young Sheldon season 7’s returning character will not solve their The Big Bang Theory plot hole but it will just make it worse. As Young Sheldon‘s final season progresses, its storytelling shifts its focus on tying up narrative loose ends that will be integral in crafting a satisfying send-off for the Coopers. After spending the first several episodes of Young Sheldon season 7 in Germany, Mary and Sheldon are returning home to reunite with the rest of the family. From there, tackling some of the confirmed plots for the remainder of its run will be easier to execute.

Moving forward, the Coopers will be the storytelling’s center, especially since Young Sheldon‘s shortened final season is slowly creeping up to its halfway point. That being said, the CBS family comedy/drama is also expected to bring back some notable faces from past seasons. That includes the return of Billy Sparks and Paige Swanson. More recently, it has been confirmed that Tam Nguyen will also make his comeback in Young Sheldon, three seasons after his last appearance. It’s uncertain when he will pop back up, but his involvement is the prequel’s efforts to straighten out his and Sheldon’s story.


Young Sheldon Spoiled Missy’s New Exciting Romance 1 Year Ago

Missy’s new romance with Taylor has been spoiled by Young Sheldon almost a year before Taylor was introduced in The Big Bang Theory prequel.

Tam’s Young Sheldon Return Will Make His Big Bang Theory Plot Hole Worse

Tam and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

As Sheldon’s first true friend, he spent a considerable amount of time with Tam during his high school years. Their friendship was unexpected, but it thrived — at least for a while. It was Tam who introduced Sheldon to comic books, which he continued to love into his adulthood. Considering his impact on his life, it was a mystery why Sheldon never mentioned Tam until he showed up in The Big Bang Theory season 12. As it turns out, the pair had a falling out because Tam didn’t keep his promise to move with Sheldon to California.

The decision to bring Tam back in Young Sheldon season 7 will be an attempt to explain that unexpected turn of events. Unfortunately, it would be difficult to do that, especially since Sheldon hasn’t spent any time with his first friend for quite a while. It would be odd to force him to move out of state and develop a grudge when Tam can’t because it’s a ridiculous ask. Additionally, Tam may not even be ready to do post-graduate studies yet. Unless he fast-tracked his way in school, likely, he’s just about to start college.

Why Young Sheldon Got Rid Of Tam

Tam and Sheldon from Young Sheldon sitting on the floor in a comic book store, reading comics

Ultimately, the reason for Tam’s unexpected disappearance from Young Sheldon stems from the prequel’s storytelling. Sheldon graduating from Medford High School early and starting college at East Texas Tech physically distanced him from his pair, leaving the pair with little to no chance of spending time with each other. The boy genius did return to their comic book story hangout a couple of more times since leaving Medford High School, but his arc has been primarily set in East Texas Tech so it would be difficult for the show to maintain their friendship.

Young Sheldon

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Young Sheldon

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