Hugh Grant’s New HBO Drama Ironically Revives A Famous Scene From His $245 Million Rom-Com After 21 Years
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Hugh Grant’s New HBO Drama Ironically Revives A Famous Scene From His $245 Million Rom-Com After 21 Years


  • Hugh Grant stars in HBO drama “The Regime,” echoing iconic speech from Love Actually in episode 1.
  • Chancellor Vernham vows to break free from American dominance, mirroring Grant’s past role.
  • Grant plays political rival in The Regime, setting up power dynamics and conflict with Vernham.



Hugh Grant is part of the cast of a new HBO drama, and the first episode ironically revived one of his most famous moments from a $245 million, 21-year-old romantic comedy. Grant plays a pivotal role in The Regime, which stars Kate Winslet as Elena Vernham, who has been the chancellor of an Eastern European regime for the last seven years. The cast of The Regime is largely focused on the staff with the most immediate connection to the Chancellor, but other characters, including Grant, will be expected to be introduced throughout the six-episode season.

The first episode of The Regime, titled “Victory Day,” introduces the audience not only to the orbit of staff surrounding Chancellor Vernham but also to her public versus private demeanor. Publicly, Vernham is calm, confident, and steadfast in dealing with visiting Americans in The Regime‘s storyline about control of cobalt mines. Behind the scenes, Chancellor Vernham is afraid of toxic air and is always quite neurotic. At the end of the episode, however, she delivers an iconic speech that closely mirrors a speech Hugh Grant gave in a classic romantic comedy 21 years ago.

Elena’s Message About America In The Regime Episode 1 Calls Back To Hugh Grant’s Speech In Love Actually

When Hugh Grant played Prime Minister David in Love Actually, he made a televised speech about how his country would no longer let Americans bully and belittle them, saying:

A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend. And since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward, l will be prepared to be much stronger. And the President should be prepared for that.

This significantly overlaps with what Chancellor Vernham says at the end of episode 1 of The Regime when she puts ministers who are undermining her under arrest and vows to make her country much stronger. Chancellor Vernham says she plans to break free from American dominance and show the unbridled strength of their country. Specifically, she comments:

It’s time to say enough. We will no longer be a party to their legacy of brutality. We will no longer suffer for their greed. It’s time to show American and the world precisely what we are worth.

Her words echo those of Hugh Grant in Love Actually, which is especially ironic considering his upcoming role in the series.

Hugh Grant Playing Elena’s Political Rival In The Regime Makes Its Love Actually Parallel Ironic

Although he has not yet been introduced, Hugh Grant plays Edward Keplinger, the leader of the Opposition that Chancellor Vernham ousted seven years ago. The prevailing thought about his character is that he will be fighting against what Chancellor Vernham stands for when he does appear. In an ironic twist, Hugh Grant will play the unpopular politician across from the lovable Chancellor, similar to the role that Billy Bob Thornton played as the U.S. President opposite Grant’s Prime Minister David, who became a national hero in Love Actually.

The presence of America and their desire to take whatever they want will likely play a role in future episodes. Knowing that Keplinger was unceremoniously removed likely does not sit well with him, and Keplinger will surely oppose every move Chancellor Vernham makes regarding the cobalt mines, the country’s relationship with America, and Vernham’s promise to build their country into something greater. The Regime has set up the power dynamics between these two powerhouses, but this time it will be Hugh Grant on the other side of the leader saying they will stand up to bullies from now on.

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The Regime

The Regime is an HBO/Max mini-series that takes place over the course of one year and follows a failing dictator as her fictional empire begins to crumble around her. The show will see the beginning of the end of the dictatorship and the challenges that the Chancellor faces to keep her unsustainable rule afloat.

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