The 2024 NBA regular season has concluded and eight teams look to secure their spot into the postseason during the 2024 NBA Play-In. Tonight’s Western Conference matchup which will stream…
The Golden State Warriors head to the state’s capital to take on the Sacramento Kings in a win-or-go-home contest in the 2024 NBA Play-In. Max will stream the battle between…
Today, the social media company Truth Social’s parent company, TMTG, announced plans to launch a live TV streaming service. The new streaming service will reportedly focus on live TV, including…
Today, Spectrum announced that Spectrum internet customers can now get Spectrum TV Stream for just $39.99 a month. This new package will offer 90 channels from Disney, Discovery, FOX, A&E,…
Despite last suiting up for the Browns thirty years ago, Eric Metcalf is still turning heads in Cleveland. Late last night, the Cleveland Browns legend posted a mini Browns helmet…

Winston-Salem Dash salute North Carolina, to play as Tobacco Beetles – SportsLogos.Net News

The Winston-Salem Dash are following in the storied footsteps of baseball teams who have featured annoying and destructive pests in their brands. Like the erstwhile Sugar Land Skeeters, Piedmont Boll Weevils, and Savannah Sand Gnats before them, the Dash will play as the Winston-Salem Tobacco Beetles for one game this season. The team announced the […]

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The Uncut Version Of One 1979 Alien Death Scene Makes Xenomorphs Much Less Terrifying

Summary The uncut version of Lambert and Parker’s deaths in Alien would have destroyed the film’s suspense, revealing the Xenomorph too early. The edited death scene limits the Xenomorph’s exposure, creating a sense of dread and enhancing the horror element in Alien. Keeping the original death scene uncut would have ruined the iconic Xenomorph by […]

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NCAA Proposes Multiple Uniform-Related Rule Changes In Football – SportsLogos.Net News

Photo courtesy of @NCAA_PR on X/Twitter. The NCAA Football Rules Committee met in Indianapolis on Friday and proposed several rule changes for the upcoming season, two of which are related to uniforms. The NCAA Football Rules Committee proposed optional technology rules, effective with the 2024 season. All rule recommendations must be approved by the NCAA […]

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Heath Ledger’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Summary Ledger’s breakout role in “10 Things I Hate About You” solidified his place in Hollywood with his talent and charm. Ledger’s versatility shines through in films like “Candy” and “Brokeback Mountain,” showcasing his emotional depth as an actor. Ledger’s iconic portrayal of the Joker in “The Dark Knight” remains one of his most celebrated […]

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ECHL’s Atlanta Gladiators Pay Homage to City’s Former NHL Franchise on ‘Thrashers Night’ – SportsLogos.Net News

When the ECHL’s Atlanta Gladiators paid tribute to their home city’s previous National Hockey League franchise over the weekend, it went really well — but maybe too well on Twitter. The Gladiators hosted “Thrashers Night” on Saturday, March 2, with nearly 10,000 fans selling out the Gas South Arena for their game against the Greenville […]

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10 Actors Perfect To Play Dick Grayson In DC’s New Batman Movie

Summary James Gunn confirmed the Bat Family’s involvement in the upcoming DCU Batman reboot, hinting at Nightwing’s appearance. Actors like Logan Lerman, Kyle Allen, and Wolfgang Novogratz could successfully portray Nightwing in the movie. Dylan O’Brien, the most popular fancast for Nightwing, has the necessary skills and looks to bring out the character from the […]

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